Nursery painting

Hij is er! Onze prachtige zoon is op 7 april geboren en hij heet Thijs. Ons allermooiste miniatuurtje ;)
Ik had beloofd nog even een foto van het schilderij dat ik voor zijn kinderkamer heb gemaakt te posten. 

He has arrived! Our beautiful son was born on April 7 and his name is Thijs. Our most precious miniature ;) I promised to post a picture of the painting I made for his nursery, so here it is.

Als we onze draai helemaal gevonden hebben, hoop ik weer wat zin en tijd te hebben om te knutselen, maar ik vermoed dat dit voorlopig even een laatste post is. Bedankt voor het lezen!

I think our little one will be my most time consuming hobby for a while ;) , so this will be my last post for a while, but when I start creating again I'll be back. Thank you for reading!

groetjes Evelien

ps  Het schilderij is gemaakt naar voorbeeld van het boekje: Op de boerderij van Kait Eaton
     This painting was inspired by the book: Op de boerderij by Kait Eaton

It's been so long

Dat is schrikken! In april 2011 heb ik hier voor het laatst een berichtje geplaatst. Ik heb nog wel wat aan mijn huis gewerkt en het kleed afgehaakt, maar daarna kwam er zoveel tegelijk om mee bezig te zijn dat het creatieve een beetje naar de achtergrond verdween. In augustus ben ik na 10 jaar samenzijn met mijn vriend getrouwd en in maart/april verwachten we ons eigen (mooiste) miniatuurtje ;). Ook hadden we de mogelijkheid om ons huis te kopen en gelijk te verbouwen, dat even allemaal in een paar maanden tijd. Maar ik mis het creatieve bezig zijn wel! Het is zo fijn om bijvoorbeeld 's avonds voor de tv wat te knutselen.

I'm shocked to see that my last post was in April 2011! Real life got in the way of making miniatures, but in a good way: In August I married my longtime boyfriend and in March/April we're going to have a precious mini of our own! In the meantime we've gotten the chance to buy our house and renovate. So I think there was just no room for creativity in my head. But I really miss it!

Op dit moment probeer ik het fröbelen weer wat op te pakken. Ik wil graag een mooi schilderijtje voor de kinderkamer maken naar een leuk voorbeeld en ben daar net aan begonnen. Zal binnenkort even een foto-update plaatsen. Het miniatuurhuis zal de komende tijd wat naar de achtergrond gaan, maar ik hoop daar aan te toekomst weer aan verder te kunnen gaan.

groetjes Evelien

I'm trying to return to some crafts like making a painting for the baby's room. I've found a nice picture book with a great example and just started working on it. A photo will follow soon. My miniature house will be on hold for a while but I hope to have some time to work on it in the future.

see you!

no minis but great fun

I've been working on a stuffed car for my favourite neighbourchild Bas. It's his parents car and he is very smart regarding cars. He knows all the brands and which neighbour rides which car.

 To my delight he recognized the car immediatly! (but maybe the photo's of his parents and him on the car gave it away, lol) He's a real model, isn't he!

I'm also crocheting a blanket. The size will be about 120 x 160 cm, so I have a lot of work ahead. I need to make 3 more rows like below and then attach them with a border in between.  

I found the pattern for this blanket over here: She makes lovely items!!

Have a nice day and I'll post some mini's soon.

groetjes Evelien

Lillberg look-a-like

As promised, the pictures of the rockingchair I've made. This is the original:

And this is the final result:

I'm not totally satisfied with it, so maybe I'll make another one. But it was fun to make!

groetjes Evelien

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Before and after

Something else for the christmas decoration in my minihouse. Here a before....what will it be?

An embroidered mirror and slippers! The mirror was a pattern from Dollhouse Nederland magazine and the slippers I made with the same decor.

And for a lovely little girl I know there was a Barbie that wanted a make-over. She needed pyjama's and a bathrobe. So again a before:

and after:

I just love making things for kids. They are so happy with what you make and get creative themselves too when they see you do it.

There will be a new post soon. I'm making the Lillberg rocking chair from Ikea for the bedroom.

groetjes Evelien
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getting ready for christmas

I really love the paper lanterns with light and thought it would start a great christmas-atmosphere in my minihouse.

After a lot of google searches this is what I came up with. It really gives a lovely glow and it's even visible from outside our house ;)

I also made these items. The plant was a kit from Anja van den Doel and the paper miniatures I found in different blogs/ sites. The book of Beauty and the Beast is from Ann Vanture who had lots of lovely paperminis.

Lara at gave the link for the paper star on her blog. She found it at:, thank you!

The boxes I also found on the internet....but I can't recall where I got them. If someone recognizes them, please let me know, so I can give credit to the designers!

Have a great and creative day

xxx Evelien

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The roof

Just to let you see I'm still working on my house, some photo's of the dormers I'm making.
The next photo is of the original house, so that's how it supposed to look like in the end ;)

Last weeks I've been doubting the floor of the second bedroom. ( I made a mix with carpet and wooden flooring, but the wood is a different colour than the first bedroom. I don't like the colour, so I'm gonna make it the same as the other room. It will take a lot of work again, but I don't intend to change it again, so it'll be worth it I hope...

Hope you still enjoy reading here. And I'll welcome the new followers soon.

groetjes! Evelien
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