Good times

Last week on the day of the WK finale my friend Annemieke visited us for a barbecue and some miniature making. (and of course to watch the finale between The Netherlands and Spain)

Unfortunately Holland lost, but we didn't mind to much because we had a great day anyway.
We made a beautycase: mini in 1:12 and Annemiekes in 1:24 scale.

We happened to have both made a bathroom cabinet, so we both had a place to put it!

My cabinet was painted and provided with knobs after this photograph and I started the tiles for the floor, but I'll show you in a next post.
Thanx Annemieke for a fun day!

groetjes Evelien
In the bathroom I wanted to have a big sink with a cabinet. I already bought the sink from Chrysbon and designed a cabinet to place it in:

It isn't finished yet. Need to add some details like knobs and paint
the whole thing. The first look is through the window of the hallway:

As you can see I need to make the tiles for the bathroom as well as paint the wall the sink is up against. I made the curved wall between the hall and the bathroom, because there is no window in the bathroom and I like the view from the hall window to show some bathroom.

It's real fun to design something and have it come out the way you imagined!

I think I'll paint it like the floorboards in the hall. And there will be some baskets in the middle.
Have a nice day!

(Ps. it's 34 degrees over here and that's really hot for Dutch standards, so I think I'll deserve some icecream now ;) )

Bathroom and Hallway

I've been painting and cutting to size the floorboards of the 'masterbedroom' and hallway and
this is what it looks like now:

I only have some floor left and no more floorboards ;) I messed up the bedroom calculation.
I've made some mini-purchases too: a Chrysnbon bathroom set and a bed I already dressed a bit. It still needs some pillows and a bit of paint.

I'm now working on the stairs banisters and I've applied a stucco-look on the bathroom walls. It all has to be painted and there will be a big curtain for some privacy if needed.
groetjes Evelien