first floor

I'm so loving this! I've permanently attached the first floor on my house and now I'm working on the roofbeams and dividing walls.

The whole planning thing starts all over again; were do I want the lights, what do I need to do first now....I think that aspect of building your own house is really great! So I'm off dreaming again, have a nice day!

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These are the pillows I promised to show you. I embroidered them without a pattern and I think I like the right one best.

In the Dolls House Nederland magazine there was a pattern for some lovely embroidered slippers. I changed it into a Harry Potter themed one for my dear friend Annemieke who had her birthday last week. We were very surprised they actually fitted on her Harry Potter doll haha!!! I also gave her some pillows with the Hogwart logo printed on them for her 1:12 sofa.

I'm currently embroidering a carnation painting in miniature (pattern here) , so relaxing in front of the tv!
groetjes Evelien


I've been working on my dollhouse, but just little things I don't want to bore you with. Just some finishing touches on the ground floor and now I'm moving up a level!

Last week I also got a really big present from my boyfriend, and I mean reaaaally big! At his work they were throwing away a huge desk because it was slightly damaged. He took it home for my workroom (and got himself some big kisses and good food LOL) and I've been rearranging this room for 2 days now! Here's the result:

Benz already took her first nap here, so I think she's ok with the arrangement :)

It feels so good to finally have it all organized!
Tomorrow I will post pictures of 2 pillows I embroidered. Need some good light to take a photograph.
Have a nice evening!
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Myrealitty, Obsidian Hall, Michelle and Eli en Karina. Nice of you to follow my blog, hope you like it here!

Marlies at Famous for the beautiful chests she makes and the pitchers people have made all over the blogworld following her tutorial.

Eva J at Very good miniatures and room boxes with lots of details! Go pay her a visit!

Lori at I’m amazed at the 1/144th scale houses you’ve made, beautiful!!

And Susanne at . Her blog didn't show at first, but luckily you can go and have a look now at her beautiful shop Brocante in the making!
Have a nice day,

Groetjes Evelien

What will it bring?

That's always the question when a new year begins. But this year I want to start with what 2009 has brought me in the dollhouse department ;)

So here's a before and after photo of the work I did on my dollhouse in 2009:

When I'm working on it and busy with all the details I tend to forget what I already did and work seems to go sooooo slow! But when you do a before and after you see the progress a lot better!
The ground floor is almost finished. (at least the wallpaper, floors and little details that are hard to get to when the ceiling is on) I also did some little decorating in the evening hours in front of the tv. Like the christmas cushions and the blanket I knitted for the sofa.
And this little embroidered purse (1:1) I found on a flea market for my needlework collection.
Maybe there are some other miniaturists with a love for needlework reading here!

groetjes Evelien