What will it bring?

That's always the question when a new year begins. But this year I want to start with what 2009 has brought me in the dollhouse department ;)

So here's a before and after photo of the work I did on my dollhouse in 2009:

When I'm working on it and busy with all the details I tend to forget what I already did and work seems to go sooooo slow! But when you do a before and after you see the progress a lot better!
The ground floor is almost finished. (at least the wallpaper, floors and little details that are hard to get to when the ceiling is on) I also did some little decorating in the evening hours in front of the tv. Like the christmas cushions and the blanket I knitted for the sofa.
And this little embroidered purse (1:1) I found on a flea market for my needlework collection.
Maybe there are some other miniaturists with a love for needlework reading here!

groetjes Evelien

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Lize zei

I love the little blanket you knitted! Did you use very thin needles and thin wool? Your house is 'growing' very nicely!

Groetjes or as we say 'Groete'

rosanna zei

Your house is going to be so cosy and nice. I love the cushions and the blanket. And I absolutely love the widing stairs ! Best wishes Rosanna

Karin Corbin zei

Learn to savor and enjoy going slowly on your project, there are many benefits to this. You will not find yourself saying "I wish I had not been in such a hurry because I would have done it a lot different if I had thought about it more."

Like a good soup slowly cooking all day the flavors will be all the more delicious for the extra time it took to make the meal.

Thinking about the dollhouse and what comes next gives your mind needed rest from thinking about work problems. It helps relax you and make you happy to think about what comes next with excited anticipation of a good time ready and waiting for you.

marlies zei

Hoi Evelien, allereerst een heel gelukkig en gezond 2010.
Het huis ziet er al heel mooi uit, vooral de tegels vind ik erg mooi gedaan. Ben benieuwd wat je er verder mee gaat doen.
groetjes marlies

Evelien zei

Hi lize, I used 0,8 needles and venne cotton that is made in Holland for miniature knitting. It's real fun!

Thank you Rosanna! I loved building the stairs, it was a real challenge.

You're absolutely right Karin! I do take the time to really finish everything good and think things over, but the anticipation and the ideas in my head tend to rush me.
I'll think of the soup more often!

Dank je Marlies! Jij ook de allerbeste wensen. Leuk dat je me nu volgt hier, ik bekijk jou site ook regelmatig, zoveel moois!

groetjes Evelien

cockerina zei

no matter whether the work is progressing slowly, what matters is that everything is as you like ...
Happy New Year!

Evelien zei

You're right Caterina! A happy new year to you too!

groetjes Evelien

Lena zei

I love youre modern sofa! You´ve also got a nice finish on the floor, how did you do that?


Pubdoll zei

Happy New Year Evelien! So nice to see the whole finished floor at once, and it's all so beautiful and perfect! Love your knitted blanket too!

Evelien zei

Thank you Lena and Pubdoll!

Lena if you mean the wood floor: I stained it and used wax as a finish.

groetjes Evelien

Eva J zei

I think the rooms look great, but
what really caught my eye was the
purse - me to I have a fascination
for those old purses and needleworks, and recently I
bougt two of purses on the swedish
equivalent to E-bay! Not as beautiful as yours though!

Eva J

Johanna zei

First time here in your blog. Thanks about your comment in my blog. :) Your house is already soooo beautiful and it´s going to look stunning when it´s finished. I like the floors a lot, and the hall with the stair is great! the wallpaper is just perfect. :)

Evelien zei

Thank you Julianna, I see I overlooked your comment for a while, sorry!