Let it snow??!

Someone must be singing that really hard over here, because the amount of snow is stunning!

We haven't had this much snow in a really long time! My doggie of 2 years is having a great time!

We've put up the tree a week ago and all over blogland people are sharing their way of celibrating. I think that's a lovely idea, so here is our christmastree: (picture is a bit blurry, sorry)

My miniature christmasscene I made last year.

And the funny burgers we ate last night. (we got them in a christmaspackage, that everyone over here gets from their employer) Now I really feel christmassy ;)

All the best wishes for your christmasdays and I wish you a fantastic 2010 filled with mini's and love!

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Welcome to Genevieve and Lúcia Soares! I can't find a link, but if you have a site I'll add it if you want.

Mags Cassidy at http://mags-nificentminiatures.blogspot.com/. She makes the most beautiful miniature food, yummy!

Norma at http://makeminemini.blogspot.com/. She's made a very cool 1:16 scale house and has a adorable cottage in 1:1 scale!

Patricia Cabrera at http://woolytalesminiatures.blogspot.com/. She is a multi-multi-talented lady and she lives on a beautiful farm!

and Arantxa at http://www.miniaturasdelostalis.com/. There's a very nice christmas scene on her blog now. Go and get in the holiday spirit!
Thanks for following! Hope you like it here.

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Midsommer Murders

Last night I was watching my weekly episode of Midsommer Murders and I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of miniatures!

So here a link to share it with you:

The location is a model village in Bekonscot, lovely!
The episode is called: Small Mercies

have a nice day,

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Gifts and decoration

Just look at this lovely present I got from my minimaking friend Annemieke for the Dutch 'Sinterklaas" celibration! She also made it as a swap that our dollhouseforum organized and at Josjes site you can read about her adventure with these tools. She also explains what Sinterklaas is about, so if you're curious....
Thank you so much Annemieke!

The decorations on the stairs I made from things I saw in magazines and advertising.
The little candles (waxinelichtjes) are sooo tiny, but very nice to make.

The doorhanger is made of wire and cottonyarn

And this couch hanger (1:1) is made of some old jeans. I made a hanger for remotecontrols and tvguides before (see
http://picasaweb.google.nl/lh/photo/bcYoG_gEEns6ULHeDkCdTw?feat=directlink) and my brother liked the idea. He asked me to make him one to. Very hard to come up with something for a guy who has a really distinct tast, but luckily he liked it. I ironed his logo on it (took it from his website) to personalize it.
So that was all I could finally show you, hope you liked it!
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Finally I can show you what I've been up to lately. There were 2 presents I wanted to make for a really dear friend and my "little" brother. (He is younger, but waaaaay taller ;) )

My friend had a really darling birdcage she wanted to fill with miniatures. I thought it would make a nice birthdaygift, so started working on it. I worked on it untill I really had to leave to go and see her, so the quality of the photo's is bad..but I hope you can still see how it turned out.

Overall view with lots of light, darn flashlight lol

2 pigeons in the top part of the cage, I bought them in Rijswijk on a fair.

Corner with a little water ornament. In the bucket is a water lily and a goldfish (also bought in Rijswijk)

On the table her favourite cookmagazine, tea and a little candle.

There are tulips, lavender and a few plants in there. The fabric for the chair and the tablecloth are a gift from her to me, and she recognized it immediatly. I like these little surprises in gifts!

I hope to make some good pictures soon, but I couldn't wait any longer showing you this...

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To my new followers!

Carmen at http://cositasdecarmen.blogspot.com/. Your Egyptian room looks really good!

Annie and Frederica who don't seem to have a blog yet. Thank you for following.

Maria at http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.com/. Go and see her huge dollhouse! She making little stores in it and it looks great. She also was my first customer :) She bought a cupboard I made. Thanks for your trust in me!

Heli at http://helinoma.blogspot.com/. I'm really in love with Finnish miniatures at the moment. Your miniatures are just amazing!
Marleen at http://marleensminiaturen.blogspot.com/ She has been making miniatures since she was a kid and there are some lovely tutorials on her site.
And Vicky at http://njdminiatures.blogspot.com/. Her miniature food is divine and in the december edition from AIM magazine you can read her tutorial Snowman Soup!
Thank you all for following me!
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Minibook sharing

Hi all!
Because of the really nice books I've seen in many different blogs, I had the idea of making a blog/site where we can share the scans we've made.

Making scans of your own books is quite a bit of work and that's why I thought that if we'd share our scans with each other it will be much quicker and more fun!

I asked Rosanna what she thought and she likes it, so my next step is to ask all of you:

Would you like this idea and mail me some book/magazine scans to make a big internet library of mini-books. (Or as Rosanna named it: mini-Amazon lol)

And second: What type of file do you use to save your books in?? I will see what the most regular way of saving the minibooks is and use that for the site. It will make it easier for uploading and save me a lot of work.

I'd love to hear from you! If you have an idea about the best way to share, please let me know.

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what's up..

I always want to post more often, but it never happens. I'm just amazed at how often other bloggers have something new to share. How do they do it?!
I can't say that I ever have a day without being creative, but the things I do take so long!

The pillow you see below I've been embroidering in the evenings. It's made for the mother of an ex fellow worker of mine. She gave me lots of embroidery things because she had to quit embroidering because of health problems (I'm so sorry for her!)
To thank her I finished this design she started and turned it into a pillow. I really hope she will like it!

I've also been working on the hallway floor and it's finished! I only need to add the baseboards.

The picture is a little dark. There's a bit of a storm today and it darker outside than usual.
But that's no problem, good weather for making miniatures!

Have a nice day!

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I have 7 new followers to greet:

first Sylvia at http://lotjesdollshouse.blogspot.com/. She is also Dutch and her blog is wonderful. Recently she's been published in our Dutch dollhousemagazine and she won a contest. Go see for yourself..

Patrizia at http://patrisan.blogspot.com/. I looooove the shoes she makes!

Anneke at http://pieplyts.blogspot.com/. Her bunny and miniatures are worth a visit.

Aru at http://aruoc.blogspot.com/. Works in 1:48 and that's reeeaaally small to me ;) Nice job!

At http://dwaallicht-dromen.blogspot.com/ you'll find beautiful little baby's made by 'Dwaallicht'.

Muriel has a site named http://lecoffredemilie.blogspot.com/. And she is getting ready for Christmas, lovely!

And Núri at http://mininuris.blogspot.com/ has just started her blog, so maybe you can go and welcome her.

Have a nice day!

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Your livingroom in miniature

This week I found a very funny site when visiting Amyla's flickr site. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/worldinamatchbox/)

Amyla is an artist in many disciplines and I love her dollhouse!

She posted this picture of her livingroom and it looked like it was in her dollhouse. But so much details! She got everyone confused...Turns out there is a way of making photo's/films look just like miniatures! You can read more about it on: http://tiltshiftmaker.com/. There also is a little program to turn your own photo's into mini's.

Have fun!!

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Tiles and sofa

The tiles have been painted with a matt varnish, coloured with 6 different colours and varnished again. Only the grouting to do now!

It was very thrilling painting the tiles, I was so afraid to ruin all the previous work! But I think it turned out good.

The sofa is also finished! I stained it with a little antique brown paint to make it a little worn.
Pff, now I'm going to sit down and read a nice book!

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40 followers! It's always a delight to see that people like to follow my work!

So welcome:

Lyndsey at http://lyndsey-limitedadditions.blogspot.com/. You have a really big house in the making! Wow... and I'm really curious about the things you already made as you've just started your blog.
Karin at http://karincorbin.blogspot.com/. For mini's with a big WOW factor go here! Just love the way you use 1:1 photo's as inspiration and you workroom is amazing.
Lisette at http://lisettesminiaturen.blogspot.com/. Just look at her bathroom... Lisette has tried a lot of different mini-making and I cannot choose what she is best at!
Happy following!
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a little tired of tiles

Wow, what have I got myself into?? In the last week I've made 557 clay tiles by hand and 66 of them were with a special pattern, pfhew!!

These 2 pictures started the adventure. It's my dream kitchen I found in a magazine a while ago.

I just love the materials and the feel.

After a lot of mathematics I could start with my new pastamachine!!

First rolling the clay, through the machine, on the template and a lot of slicing...

But it's worth it. I still have a lot of work to do (finish sticking the tiles, sanding, grouting and colouring) but at least I can see some progress now.

I also found a very nice blouse in our local charity shop and it was perfect for the sofa I had in mind. This is the sofa so far :

It's the Karlstad sofa from Ikea in 1:12. Just love Ikea, I even worked there for a while on the sofa-department lol!
see you next time!
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There are 7 new followers to welcome! So here I go:

Rita from http://miniatyrhus.blogspot.com/. She has 2 other blogs too, so go and visit her; she has lots of eyecandy to share!

Taenia from
http://taeniasminiatures.blogspot.com/. Your modern kitchen is a beauty! Nice inspiration pictures too!!

Lize from
http://lizelund.blogspot.com/. Very stylish pictures of miniature settings!

Helene (
http://pubdolls.blogspot.com/ ) I already mentioned in my last post (the award) you’re also very welcome of course!

http://casitaminicm.blogspot.com/ Nuria, Rossana and Norma. There are a lot of interesting publications on their site!

Annina from
http://anninagunter.blogspot.com/ . You and Helene (above) made me fall in love with re-ment and Lundby! Some photo’s are just 1:1 it seems!

Caterina from
http://leminisdicockerina.blogspot.com/. There are a lot of yummie men on her site lol and I saw a very nice cabin!

Have a nice day!

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lots of floors

It took some time to draw the floors of the hallway and kitchen, but in the end it will save me lots of time. The hallway is gonna get a herringbone floor and the kitchen will get some terracotta tiles with a nice border:

I’ve started making tiles from Dasclay and it’s fun! I got my pastamaker so now I can start by making very smooth “sheets” of clay and then punch it out with a special (fimo)clay knife.
I made a template to make lots of tiles in once.

When the tiles are dry I’m gonna drypaint them in different shades and finish them of with varnish.

See you!

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I got my first award! And it came in twice, so I'm double excited. So thank you Victoria and Debby. To get an award from you great miniaturists makes it just wonderful!
I've tried to translate the text and I think it says: This blog is a dream! Wow...

These are the rules:

1. Show the image of the award, and state rules
2. Post the link of the person that gave you the prize.
3. Display 10 blogs to which you grant the award.
4. Advise the blogs listed

Now I've got lots of blogs I visit and most of them have received this award already, so I will try to reach ten.

First Helene at http://pubdolls.blogspot.com/. The settings she makes are very beautiful with a modern twist and I'm falling in love with Helmer the scooterguy ;)

Rita at http://miniatyrhus.blogspot.com/. She made a great quiltshop for a show and also works in a quiltshop in real life. How cool is that!!

Suzan at http://kankadolls.blogspot.com/. Her dolls are really awardwinning!

Lireal at http://liraeldreams.blogspot.com/. I love it that she makes very different sorts of miniatures and shows us some things of her 1:1 life.

Maria José at http://marivigano.blogspot.com/ She's a real animallover and her minihouse is very nice!

Pfff, just 5 and there are so many more to visit and give awards to! And so many have already received this award. So I'm gonna cheat the rules a little and stop at 5, excuse me!

Have a nice day!!


Today my followercount hit 30! It's so lovely to see that people are following my blog and I also get to visit lots of beautiful new blogs myself!

So welcome:

Victoria from http://vika-m.blogspot.com/. Your Russian house is really a unique and lovely project! You give great and original tips too.

Oese from http://raumfuerraum.blogspot.com/. She also has another blog and I love watching the pictures!

Maria José from http://marivigano.blogspot.com/ Your modern style dollhouse is just lovely!

Rosa from http://minicreazioni.blogspot.com/ Your miniature food lookes jummie!

Mercedes from http://libertybiberty.blogspot.com/. I've been following your blog for a while now and I wish I could shrink myself and live in your dollhouse! Your little daughter is a sweety.

Lirael, a fellow Dutchy from http://liraeldreams.blogspot.com/. Miniatures and daily life business very entertaining.

Suzan from http://kankadolls.blogspot.com/. Your dolls are cuties and the material is very surprising!

And last but not least Lena from http://miniatyrmama.blogspot.com/. Also a modern style dollhouse and I love your furniture!

Sorry it took so long to welcome you all. Your very very welcome, enjoy and I'll visit you all too!

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What am I doing?

Haha, I think that a lot.....

But actually I just wanted to show you what I've been up to lately.
I've been painting and boarding the
stairs I made a while ago.

I also put in a wall with door. Behind the wall my wiring is hidden, so if you got to go to the loo....hihi very dangerous!

I'm waiting for a pastamachine now, because than I can make the floor (tiles) in the kitchen and maybe the hallway (Do I want wood or tiles?.....mmhhh)

The windows are finished too. I put a trim around it and made some window-sills. The floor is painted for the last time so....first room almost finished!!
Next week there's a miniature fair and I want to look for some nice brickmaterial to cast some (a lot!!!) bricks. Then I can proceed on the outside too.
For now I'm going to heat up some choco. I bet you Debby is going to win that sledge-ride!!

groetjes Evelien

We have a floor!

A little tired of making the bricks I decided to put a floor in the livingroom. We got some nice pieces of wood from a dollhouseshop on Wednesday and started sawing little pieces of 15 by 108 mm. I took the measurements from our 1:1 floor. I needed 152 pieces to fill the floor!!

I used the way 1:1 floors are laid. At the end (wallside) you saw a piece of the 15 by 108 mm board to fit in and with the remaining piece you then start the next line. ( I learned this from my boyfriend when he laid our 1:1 floor) After sawing I numbered them so I could paint it and still know where to put it back. Then I glued them to a piece of sheet, so the wiring is still accessible. This is the end result:

Now on to finishing the windows and the livingroom is almost finished!

Have a nice day, xx


Order and bricks

My first order is ready! It's the cabinet I made a while ago and I built it again for someone who wanted one too. It isn't painted yet, so she can choose a color herself. It was really fun making this again! Everything opens and closes for real.

I'm also spending a lot of time painting, cutting and clipping little bricks out of eggcarton.

Wow, that's a lot of work!!

This week I'm going to buy some wood so I can make a nice cabinet for my house and also finish 2 floors and the windowframes.

O wait, my doggie wants to say bye with me ;)

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Wallpaper and Welcome

Sabiha at http://sabsminiinteriors.blogspot.com/. I just love your miniatures. They are always very styled and beautiful.

and Dora at http://lasminiaturasdora.blogspot.com/. I'll visit your blog soon to take a longer look, but first impression (your cabinet) Wow!

Over here I put the wallpaper on the livingroom walls.

I've put a cabinet I made in front of it, because I wanted to see how it will look. Can't wait to start with the floors! Just have to go to the store to buy some new wood.

Haha, thought this was a funny shot, it is my 1:1 cabinet (the lionhead with ring) through my 1:12 window.
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