a little tired of tiles

Wow, what have I got myself into?? In the last week I've made 557 clay tiles by hand and 66 of them were with a special pattern, pfhew!!

These 2 pictures started the adventure. It's my dream kitchen I found in a magazine a while ago.

I just love the materials and the feel.

After a lot of mathematics I could start with my new pastamachine!!

First rolling the clay, through the machine, on the template and a lot of slicing...

But it's worth it. I still have a lot of work to do (finish sticking the tiles, sanding, grouting and colouring) but at least I can see some progress now.

I also found a very nice blouse in our local charity shop and it was perfect for the sofa I had in mind. This is the sofa so far :

It's the Karlstad sofa from Ikea in 1:12. Just love Ikea, I even worked there for a while on the sofa-department lol!
see you next time!
groetjes evelien

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rosanna zei

WONDERFUL!!!! does the clay shrink while drying? it looks beautiful up to now. And the sofa as well, I love it. Rosanna

cockerina zei

Evelien Hello!
you did a wonderful job with both the tile (my mother, how much effort!) that with the sofa ... very nice fabric, suede seems ..
good, I look forward to seeing the results of the floor!
that kitchen is delicious!

kisses, Caterina from Italy


Pubdoll zei

I'm still in awe over your patience and skill when it come to making tiles and now you make this sofa as well! I love Ikea too and the Karlstad sofa, which was our first sofa. Beautiful work Evelien!

Evelien zei

Thank you!!

@ Rosanna: the clay doesn't shrink much, so it works fine. I keep them between 2 boards when drying to keep them flat.

@ Caterina: your right, it's suede. It's works very well.

@ Pubdoll: nice to have a fellow Ikea-lover ;) , the Karlstad is really a nice design.

Thanx for following
have a nice day,


Petra zei

congrats to this nice sofa - I love it too.

Deni zei

Lovely sofa and the flooring is fantastic
BTW: I luv Ikea! and go often!!!!

Evelien zei

Thank you Oese and Deni. Ikea rocks ;)