Lillberg look-a-like

As promised, the pictures of the rockingchair I've made. This is the original:

And this is the final result:

I'm not totally satisfied with it, so maybe I'll make another one. But it was fun to make!

groetjes Evelien

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Before and after

Something else for the christmas decoration in my minihouse. Here a before....what will it be?

An embroidered mirror and slippers! The mirror was a pattern from Dollhouse Nederland magazine and the slippers I made with the same decor.

And for a lovely little girl I know there was a Barbie that wanted a make-over. She needed pyjama's and a bathrobe. So again a before:

and after:

I just love making things for kids. They are so happy with what you make and get creative themselves too when they see you do it.

There will be a new post soon. I'm making the Lillberg rocking chair from Ikea for the bedroom.

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getting ready for christmas

I really love the paper lanterns with light and thought it would start a great christmas-atmosphere in my minihouse.

After a lot of google searches this is what I came up with. It really gives a lovely glow and it's even visible from outside our house ;)

I also made these items. The plant was a kit from Anja van den Doel and the paper miniatures I found in different blogs/ sites. The book of Beauty and the Beast is from Ann Vanture who had lots of lovely paperminis.

Lara at gave the link for the paper star on her blog. She found it at:, thank you!

The boxes I also found on the internet....but I can't recall where I got them. If someone recognizes them, please let me know, so I can give credit to the designers!

Have a great and creative day

xxx Evelien

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The roof

Just to let you see I'm still working on my house, some photo's of the dormers I'm making.
The next photo is of the original house, so that's how it supposed to look like in the end ;)

Last weeks I've been doubting the floor of the second bedroom. ( I made a mix with carpet and wooden flooring, but the wood is a different colour than the first bedroom. I don't like the colour, so I'm gonna make it the same as the other room. It will take a lot of work again, but I don't intend to change it again, so it'll be worth it I hope...

Hope you still enjoy reading here. And I'll welcome the new followers soon.

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bedroom update

Last week I went to the fair in Rijswijk with my boyfriend and my dear friend Annemieke. I bought everything on the first photo there. (and some materials not in the photo) The Medinella was a kit and great fun to make. I also want to collect the "boerenbont" kitchenware for my kitchen, so I was really pleased to find the teapot there. In the bowl there are some cookies.

We had a great time with so many lovely miniatures to see!

I think I'll put the bed and cabinet like this. Only need your advice on this: shall I leave the bed with the neutral colors or with the flower fabric in the next picture?


I also made this coat from a tutorial in Dollhouse Nederland nr. 43.
Only need to figure out if I'm gonna put it in the hall or on a chair in the kitchen so I can model it and make it hang more natural.

Thank you for visiting, 'till next time.

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Time to welcome the latest new followers! It's always fun to see someone joining my list and I really like to visit all your sites, it's inspirational. But you must know I'm mostly a silent follower, I try to comment more often, but time doesn't always allow it. I think a lot of you know the feeling with so many lovely blogs on the www!

Marie at Maybe you just participated in her lovely give-away. She makes beautiful miniatures!

Beatrice at A must-see for everyone who loves the Versailles style!

Rhubs, unfortunately can't find a blog. If you have one let me know.

Peggy at If you're fast you can join in on her give-away, it's really beautiful and so is her other work!

Esther at She makes lovely dollsculptures and has lots of babies. Must be very busy there ;)

Marieke at She bought a beautiful house named Heartland Hollow wich she will alter and I'm very curious about the changes!

Zehra at I can't find any miniatures, but there are lots of recipies to find!

Кристишка at Love your needlework, papercraft and lovely gift ideas!

Christine at Great miniatures and tutorials and she welcomes everyone in a lovely way. Really a blog where you feel welcome!

Rosella at Needlework and miniatures, my kind of girl! ;)
Have a look at her great work.

Jenya at has a new arrival: Piper a beautiful little Blythe girl that lives in between lovely miniatures.

and last but not least: Marion at She has other blogs too, just look at her profile. At Marions blog you also have an opportunity to participate in a give-away. It's beautiful like here other miniatures, have a look!

Welcome all and have a good day!
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a visit from Annemieke

After a lot of catching up and tea, we made these bags from a tutorial in American Miniaturist:

I also got some lovely miniatures for my house: a bed for Benz the Jack Russell and something to hang in my garden.

   Making the bags was so much fun I made another one that evening:
Thank you Annemieke for another great day!
groetjes Evelien


I've been making minis and crochet, but when I see it on photo It always looks like I didn't do much ;)

The floor for the bathroom is stained, grouted and ready. I've made some toiletpaper and the towels you see in the bathroom cabinet.
The frame is going to be the mirror, but I can't find the mirrorsheet I had for this, so I'll keep looking...

I've made some pillows and now I'm trying to design some nice covers.

And every evening and sometimes when we have to drive somewhere far I'm crocheting. It's now a single person blanket and it's going to be twice as big.

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Welcome new followers! Your vintage mail is just perfect! And really like your other blog: too!!

Lainie at Very nice little bottles!

Conchi at Lovely jewellery

Heather at Your Daydream Cottage is so pretty!

Otterine at What can’t you do? Love your house! Your mini-food makes me hungry!

Jeanette at Too bad I can’t touch your little bears, just want to cuddle them.

Natalia: can’t find a blog, but welcome!

Maria at I Always watched ‘vrouwtje theelepel” as il cucchia inomagico is called in Dutch and also really enjoy your variety of miniatures.

Janny at To call your work pretty is an understatement. I’m proud your a Dutchy too!

Rute at Your mini-settings are really good!

Rapunzel at Like your diversity and quality in miniature making!

Clara at Your grocery is great and I’m curious how your beach house is going to be.

Casa de Bonecas by...Marina; can’t find a blog, but welcome!

May at Your Library is every readers dream.Thanx for the great flower tutorials too!

Barbara Emerson; can’t find a blog, but welcome!

Hope you'll have a good time over here and I'll post some new updates on my house soon.

Groetjes Evelien

Good times

Last week on the day of the WK finale my friend Annemieke visited us for a barbecue and some miniature making. (and of course to watch the finale between The Netherlands and Spain)

Unfortunately Holland lost, but we didn't mind to much because we had a great day anyway.
We made a beautycase: mini in 1:12 and Annemiekes in 1:24 scale.

We happened to have both made a bathroom cabinet, so we both had a place to put it!

My cabinet was painted and provided with knobs after this photograph and I started the tiles for the floor, but I'll show you in a next post.
Thanx Annemieke for a fun day!

groetjes Evelien
In the bathroom I wanted to have a big sink with a cabinet. I already bought the sink from Chrysbon and designed a cabinet to place it in:

It isn't finished yet. Need to add some details like knobs and paint
the whole thing. The first look is through the window of the hallway:

As you can see I need to make the tiles for the bathroom as well as paint the wall the sink is up against. I made the curved wall between the hall and the bathroom, because there is no window in the bathroom and I like the view from the hall window to show some bathroom.

It's real fun to design something and have it come out the way you imagined!

I think I'll paint it like the floorboards in the hall. And there will be some baskets in the middle.
Have a nice day!

(Ps. it's 34 degrees over here and that's really hot for Dutch standards, so I think I'll deserve some icecream now ;) )

Bathroom and Hallway

I've been painting and cutting to size the floorboards of the 'masterbedroom' and hallway and
this is what it looks like now:

I only have some floor left and no more floorboards ;) I messed up the bedroom calculation.
I've made some mini-purchases too: a Chrysnbon bathroom set and a bed I already dressed a bit. It still needs some pillows and a bit of paint.

I'm now working on the stairs banisters and I've applied a stucco-look on the bathroom walls. It all has to be painted and there will be a big curtain for some privacy if needed.
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I didn’t keep up with the welcoming of new followers lately, so it’s a long list.
You might want to pull up a chair and have some coffee; there are lots of lovely sites to visit:

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and Patty (Mini_babies) ( Thank you for adding it!)

No blogs found, but also a warm welcome to:

Lídia Chalaux, Criscrisostomo, Fmagico and Giardini.

Also want to mention and
I welcomed her before, but her blog didn’t show on her profile then. Now you ca
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And Jody at Sorry I had to know that it was you, but I overlooked it!

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I'm planning the dormers and the roof tiles and in between I'm working on the rooms of the first floor. The flooring on the left room is ready and I'm thinking how I want to hide the wiring. I'm trying to design cabinets on the back wall. Out of cardbox to see how it will look and later of course in wood.

For some variety I'm also crocheting a blanket with granny squares. I've got babysize now, but want to go for at least a throw blanket. No need to get bored ;)

Have a nice weekend!
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what I've been up to

Working on the roof of my dollhouse and planning the flooring of the first floor

Making a birdhouse (1:12) for a swap. I still have to make a 1:48 one now.

Sewing a pillow with "blankets" for the stuffed animals of the little girl I baby-sit. She loved it :)

Have a nice evening!
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It's time for the welcoming speech again ;), here we go.

A warm welcome to:

Anama at I love her room 'Waiting for 12', she won a prize with it and that's no suprise to me!

Janice at She's fairly new to blogging, but already has a very pretty house to show on her blog. I really like how she writes about her cats and kids too, so sweet!

Monica at I'm super impressed with the chairs and cars she's made, wow, such craftmanship!

fantasyli li welcome too! Do you have a blog? Because I can't find one.

Carol at Beautiful miniatures and great (photoshop) tutorials. Can it get any better?

Debbie Lee at Precious little babies and bears, so lovely!

and Kriana (?) at She makes her own beautiful witch houses and also a lot of different miniatures to decorate them. Really like your diversity!

Have a nice day! I will continue to work on a birdcage for a type of swap. If it's finished I'll show you. I'm also designing the floors on the second level of my house. So lots of work, but little to show ;)

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to hinge or not to hinge

Very poetic not? ;)
The front door of my house was almost installed, when I saw I missed 2 hinges to finish it.
A quick look at some webshops made me realize that hinges are pretty expensive.

I already had a try at making my own hinges a while ago (I gave up then), but the costs made me try it again.

So far I've tried pins with thick paper, plastic sheets and an empty beer can (thank you boyfriend ;) ).
The easiest way is thick paper with clear tape to make it more solid. I only have to try if I can paint it with metal paint and if the hinges work properly when installed.
I'll let you know!

The roofpanels have been sawn and the roofbeams painted. Tomorrow I will try to cut the space for the dormers.
I also have to figure out how I want the floors upstairs. O many choices to make!
groetjes and have a nice day! Evelien

Welcome and give away result

First I'd like to show you the give away I made for Sylvia:

It was difficult to make something for someone who makes such beautiful miniatures, but I'm glad she likes it!

The sign on the left says toilette, but it is a bit dark on the photo. The little tealights can be taken out of the box separately. The stars in the middle are just for decoration. I also sent the workshop and more paper I made the box of.

Then there are also new followers! Welcome to:

Roelie at She's working on her "Marmod" house and boy is it pretty! Also take a look at the atelier she recently finished.

Irina at and She makes the most beautiful bears!

Mar at She makes very pretty paper mini's and she also shares them with all of us, so nice!

Margaret at She bought a beautiful shop and is working on it to make it even more beautiful.

Mary at She makes very pretty dolls!

Ira at She's working on different things: a lovely colourful bakery and she's preparing for a beach house with lovely greys and whites.

Anthoula at A lot of different and lovely miniatures and inspiration.

Anna at Lots of different eyecandy, have a look!

and Sans at She has other blogs too, but you can find links to them on this wonderful blog. She must be very busy because she makes so many great miniatures!

You're all very welcome!

Groetjes Evelien

Just some fun

I love to make a collage of nice statements and pictures I see in magazines and on the internet.

Today I made a new one to hang on our toilet wall. Just want to share it with you, because it makes me laugh and think about all the projects in my head!

Have a nice day!

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