Just some fun

I love to make a collage of nice statements and pictures I see in magazines and on the internet.

Today I made a new one to hang on our toilet wall. Just want to share it with you, because it makes me laugh and think about all the projects in my head!

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

8 reacties:

Norma Bennett zei

It's great! LOL

Anneke zei

Haha, das een goeie! :P goed motto, daar ga ik me ook maar aan houden denk ik ;) Leuke collage ook trouwens!

rosanna zei

I love it, so funny!

Lize zei

I need to finish things I start too! Bring on the cake!!!

Jo Raines zei

That is wonderful! Yes, those are always the type of projects I can finish--candy and cake!


Evelien zei

I'm more a M&M girl, but you're all welcome to have some cake ;)

Anoniem zei

wat een mooie collage weer en die spreuk is super.... ik hou meer van
bonbon blok of een bossebol mmmmmm
dan mag jij de rest hebben...:
)))) mam

NT 26-102 zei

Good Morning Evelien,
Watching with interest your progress on your house as it helps to see what techniques work.
I am working on the entry of my house and also trying to make slate-look tiles for the large roof.
Yes, instead of cruising the web I should be minworking.
Regards and thanks.
Janine minworks.blogspot.com