Welcome and give away result

First I'd like to show you the give away I made for Sylvia:

It was difficult to make something for someone who makes such beautiful miniatures, but I'm glad she likes it!

The sign on the left says toilette, but it is a bit dark on the photo. The little tealights can be taken out of the box separately. The stars in the middle are just for decoration. I also sent the workshop and more paper I made the box of.

Then there are also new followers! Welcome to:

Roelie at http://lapetitesofie.blogspot.com/. She's working on her "Marmod" house and boy is it pretty! Also take a look at the atelier she recently finished.

Irina at http://temiruavailablebears.blogspot.com/ and http://temiru.blogspot.com/. She makes the most beautiful bears!

Mar at http://mars-smallworld.blogspot.com/. She makes very pretty paper mini's and she also shares them with all of us, so nice!

Margaret at http://petit-parterre.blogspot.com/. She bought a beautiful shop and is working on it to make it even more beautiful.

Mary at http://marywilliamsdollshousedollsblog.blogspot.com/. She makes very pretty dolls!

Ira at http://merryjingle.blogspot.com/. She's working on different things: a lovely colourful bakery and she's preparing for a beach house with lovely greys and whites.

Anthoula at http://a-miniature-life.blogspot.com/. A lot of different and lovely miniatures and inspiration.

Anna at http://miniannalee.blogspot.com/. Lots of different eyecandy, have a look!

and Sans at http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/. She has other blogs too, but you can find links to them on this wonderful blog. She must be very busy because she makes so many great miniatures!

You're all very welcome!

Groetjes Evelien

Just some fun

I love to make a collage of nice statements and pictures I see in magazines and on the internet.

Today I made a new one to hang on our toilet wall. Just want to share it with you, because it makes me laugh and think about all the projects in my head!

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

exterior work

I've been busy working on Sylvia's give away presents and today I've painted the exterior of my house for the second time.

It will be the basecoat for the brickwork, the grout. I used MDF paint with a little black acrylic paint and filtered birdsand. The bricks are going to be made with a stencil and brickpowder, so it will lay on top of the grout, hopefully giving a realistic result and depth. Fingers crossed!

groetjes Evelien

Give away winner!

Time for a give away winner! I asked my little assistent to help me. When she heard there was something to win she was all up for it!

Pfff..choosing is difficult...lets throw them all on the floor, that always helps...

Guess this one is it...

O please, not another photo! Where's the prize? "ehhh Benz, you just picked the winner, it's Sylvia! She's getting the prize, it's a competition for grown-ups!" (she thinks she's human, so don't want to burst her bubble ;) )

She was really upset after that, so had to do some damage control:

Congratulations Sylvia! Can you mail me?

Thank you all for entering, it was fun!

groetjes Evelien

turning 100

Turning 100 and feeling amazing!

Today there are 100 followers on my blog and it's time for a party!

Thank you all for following my posts and telling me what you think about my miniatures, it's really fun to share it with you all!

To celebrate I'd like to give you a choice. You can ask me something to make for you or I can send you a workshop with all materials for this light:

So leave me a comment and tell me what you'd like before Thursday and I'll draw a winner on Thursday 10 AM!

Also welcome to the latest followers:

Maria at http://nukkekotilikat.blogspot.com/. If I see it correctly it's a blog about a dollhouseclub and it looks so fun to me!

Chimpourma at http://chimpourma.blogspot.com/. But also a lot of other blogs: beautiful drawings and paintings.

Glenda at http://peppercornminis.blogspot.com/. Her rugs have recently been published in DHMS, so cool! Love your miniatures.

Tippaliisa at http://tippaliisa.blogspot.com/. Beautiful miniature knitting and yummy food.

And my 100th follower: Ascension at http://ascension-misminiaturas.blogspot.com/. Really like your header and the fimo miniatures!

Welcome and if you like join right in on the give away!

groetjes Evelien


When people see my miniatures, the first thing they say is: How can someone be so patient!
Most times I laugh about it and say it doesn't take any effort....most times...

Last couple of days my patience was tested ;) The front door was almost finished and only thing left was the leaded light in the upper part. But how to get the effect of leaded glas without it looking fake?

I tried window paint, aquarel paint, hobby glue, wood glue, glue mixed with paint before and after applying and last printing on sheets. Pfff nothing seemed to be good and every time it failed I had to do the soldering part all over again. My boyfriend came to see after experiment 3 and I told him it didn't work again. Guess what he said? "it looks a bit childish" haha you can see why he had to run after that ;)
Today I'm kind of satisfied with the result. It's not as transparent as I would like, but for now it's ok.
The colours don't show well on camera, but they are there believe me! ;)

The first floor is dust free now!
I also see on blogger that I've reached 99 followers today.
Would you like me to do a give-away at 100?
And what would you like me to give?
Have a nice evening!
groetjes Evelien


Hi new followers! Nice to be able to welcome you here:

Daisy at http://antiquedaisy.blogspot.com/. I enjoy your diversity and adore your Westville house!

Karin F. at http://orrlakemusings.blogspot.com/ and http://minitutesfromorrlake.blogspot.com/. Your miniatures are beautiful and it's so nice that you share all the links at your other blog!

A true doll artist specialised in so many time periods!

If I saw it correctly you're fairly new at blogging, but what a lovely beachhouse!

Dale at http://dalesdreams.blogspot.com/. Your miniatures are dreams all right! Painting, upholstering...is there anything you don't do? ;) (maybe good for you to know, but your blog doesn't show in your profile. Guess it's a bloggerdefault?)

Lotte at http://lottasatomaa.wordpress.com/. Mostly the most amazing shoes, but also a very beautiful dollhouse!

Netty de Roos, Karin and Irene also welcome! I couldn't find your blogs, but maybe you do have one. Please let me know.
A question at the end of this post: does anybody know how it's possible that I start following a site with Blogger and when I return later, I'm not in the follower list anymore. I don't think people are deleting me :) but is there anyone else with this 'problem'?
Have a nice evening!
groetjes Evelien


This is my 50th blogpost! Time flies when you're having fun! Thank you for sticking with me and making it fun to blog!

Today I want to show you the progress on the opening side of the house.
The 2 windows are done and now only the door has to be finished. I made it from scratch using the photo I have of the original house.

It will be a door that opens in 2 parts. This is often used in farms so the chicken couldn't get indoors, but the air could get in to refresh the house. Just have to think out how to attach the door the right way...

I soldered the "lead" in the upper door and now I only have to paint the window and stain the door in the right color.

groetjes Evelien