Give away winner!

Time for a give away winner! I asked my little assistent to help me. When she heard there was something to win she was all up for it!

Pfff..choosing is difficult...lets throw them all on the floor, that always helps...

Guess this one is it...

O please, not another photo! Where's the prize? "ehhh Benz, you just picked the winner, it's Sylvia! She's getting the prize, it's a competition for grown-ups!" (she thinks she's human, so don't want to burst her bubble ;) )

She was really upset after that, so had to do some damage control:

Congratulations Sylvia! Can you mail me?

Thank you all for entering, it was fun!

groetjes Evelien

7 reacties:

Lize zei

Congratulations Sylvia!

Hope to see what you won soon!

Maria zei

Congratulations Sylvia!
Wat een droppie Evelien,echt schattig.

sylvia zei

Wat een verassing, het maakt het lente-gevoel helemaal compleet!!
Dank je wel!
groetjes Sylvia

Christel zei

Hihi what a cute dog:) Congratulations to Sylvia. She deserves it, she is so kind and sweet:)

miniacollection zei

Congratulations to Sylvia.
I enjoyed very much the text you wrote to go with the photos.

dalesdreams zei

Congratulations to Sylvia. :)

Cute doggy!

Unknown zei

Gefeliciteerd Sylvia, en heel lief van jou Evelyn en jij ook gefeliciteerd met je 100e folger!