turning 100

Turning 100 and feeling amazing!

Today there are 100 followers on my blog and it's time for a party!

Thank you all for following my posts and telling me what you think about my miniatures, it's really fun to share it with you all!

To celebrate I'd like to give you a choice. You can ask me something to make for you or I can send you a workshop with all materials for this light:

So leave me a comment and tell me what you'd like before Thursday and I'll draw a winner on Thursday 10 AM!

Also welcome to the latest followers:

Maria at http://nukkekotilikat.blogspot.com/. If I see it correctly it's a blog about a dollhouseclub and it looks so fun to me!

Chimpourma at http://chimpourma.blogspot.com/. But also a lot of other blogs: beautiful drawings and paintings.

Glenda at http://peppercornminis.blogspot.com/. Her rugs have recently been published in DHMS, so cool! Love your miniatures.

Tippaliisa at http://tippaliisa.blogspot.com/. Beautiful miniature knitting and yummy food.

And my 100th follower: Ascension at http://ascension-misminiaturas.blogspot.com/. Really like your header and the fimo miniatures!

Welcome and if you like join right in on the give away!

groetjes Evelien

16 reacties:

Susanne zei

Hi, Evelien! Congratulations with the 100 followers, I like your blog very much and to get your comments on mine too. This miniblogworld is really amazing, so nice to be in it, as you know I have a giveaway celebrating 100 too. I would like the workshop, if I should be the lucky winner, but I also like your suitcases and all the other stuff, you are making..I let you decide..

Lize zei

Congratulations Evelien! 100 and you still look GREAT! Lucky you! It has been great reading your posts and sharing your mini-projects. I also like seeing your 'groetjes' at the end of your posts and messages!

If I am so lucky to be the winner, I would like you to make something for me! Whatever you want to.

Groete (my language)

Heli zei

Congratulations from Finland!
It would be super fun to win something you have made!

dalesdreams zei

Congratulations on your 100 followers! :)

Glenda zei

Congratulations from New Zealand!!
I love the lantern! A kit for this would be lovely.

Maria zei

100 op naar de volgende 100
Ben je nog in Rijswijk geweest?
Ik helaas niet.

sylvia zei

Gefeliciteerd, op naar de volgende 100!
Ik het liefst iets wat je verzint, is altijd zo lekker spannend.

Groetjes Sylvia

by Sonya zei

Congratulations from Rome!
I think everything you have made is great like give way!
I hope to win!!!!!

Eva J zei

Congratulations to the 100 followers- and thank you for
all the kind comments on my blog.
If I win I would like anything
you have made!

Eva J

rosanna zei

Congrats for these 100 and the oes which will come later. Anyhing you want would be great for me if I were so lucky to win. I really like your way of working. Thank you very much Rosanna

Norma Bennett zei

Congratulations! What would I choose if I was the lucky winner - it's a hard question because all your things are so lovely - BUT I do love your suitcases, and in fact I love suitcases in 1:1 too, in fact I have a small collection of vintage suitcases :) So, that's what I would choose :)

miniacollection zei

Congratulations ! Thank you for organizing a giveaway. What you make is so lovely that you could choose what you want to giveaway.
Best wishes

michelle zei

Gefeliciteerd Evelien!!
Ik wil ook graag meedoen aan je give a way!

brae zei

Love that photo of the spry woman at the table...may we all be like that! :] Congrats on your followers!

Evelien zei

It's so fun to be congratulated from all over the world! Thank you!

@ Maria: nee, ben helaas niet geweest, misschien de volgende beurs weer.

Good luck all!

groetjes (hihi Lize: Groete) Evelien

Karin F. zei

grats on the first hundred! And thanks for the give-away; I'd love the workshop if I win.