We have a floor!

A little tired of making the bricks I decided to put a floor in the livingroom. We got some nice pieces of wood from a dollhouseshop on Wednesday and started sawing little pieces of 15 by 108 mm. I took the measurements from our 1:1 floor. I needed 152 pieces to fill the floor!!

I used the way 1:1 floors are laid. At the end (wallside) you saw a piece of the 15 by 108 mm board to fit in and with the remaining piece you then start the next line. ( I learned this from my boyfriend when he laid our 1:1 floor) After sawing I numbered them so I could paint it and still know where to put it back. Then I glued them to a piece of sheet, so the wiring is still accessible. This is the end result:

Now on to finishing the windows and the livingroom is almost finished!

Have a nice day, xx


Order and bricks

My first order is ready! It's the cabinet I made a while ago and I built it again for someone who wanted one too. It isn't painted yet, so she can choose a color herself. It was really fun making this again! Everything opens and closes for real.

I'm also spending a lot of time painting, cutting and clipping little bricks out of eggcarton.

Wow, that's a lot of work!!

This week I'm going to buy some wood so I can make a nice cabinet for my house and also finish 2 floors and the windowframes.

O wait, my doggie wants to say bye with me ;)

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