We have a floor!

A little tired of making the bricks I decided to put a floor in the livingroom. We got some nice pieces of wood from a dollhouseshop on Wednesday and started sawing little pieces of 15 by 108 mm. I took the measurements from our 1:1 floor. I needed 152 pieces to fill the floor!!

I used the way 1:1 floors are laid. At the end (wallside) you saw a piece of the 15 by 108 mm board to fit in and with the remaining piece you then start the next line. ( I learned this from my boyfriend when he laid our 1:1 floor) After sawing I numbered them so I could paint it and still know where to put it back. Then I glued them to a piece of sheet, so the wiring is still accessible. This is the end result:

Now on to finishing the windows and the livingroom is almost finished!

Have a nice day, xx


3 reacties:

Annemieke zei

Wauw, wat een mooie vloer is het geworden!! Je gaat echt snel :-) Moeten gauw weer eens afspreken, ben benieuwd hoe het huis er in het echt uitziet!!

xxx Annemieke

kathi zei

Your floor is beautiful! I hope mine turns out this nice!

Evelien zei

Thank you Kathi! Good luck with your floor, it's really fun work!

He Annemieke, ja zou erg leuk zijn om snel weer af te spreken!

xxx evelien