Minibook sharing

Hi all!
Because of the really nice books I've seen in many different blogs, I had the idea of making a blog/site where we can share the scans we've made.

Making scans of your own books is quite a bit of work and that's why I thought that if we'd share our scans with each other it will be much quicker and more fun!

I asked Rosanna what she thought and she likes it, so my next step is to ask all of you:

Would you like this idea and mail me some book/magazine scans to make a big internet library of mini-books. (Or as Rosanna named it: mini-Amazon lol)

And second: What type of file do you use to save your books in?? I will see what the most regular way of saving the minibooks is and use that for the site. It will make it easier for uploading and save me a lot of work.

I'd love to hear from you! If you have an idea about the best way to share, please let me know.

groetjes Evelien

what's up..

I always want to post more often, but it never happens. I'm just amazed at how often other bloggers have something new to share. How do they do it?!
I can't say that I ever have a day without being creative, but the things I do take so long!

The pillow you see below I've been embroidering in the evenings. It's made for the mother of an ex fellow worker of mine. She gave me lots of embroidery things because she had to quit embroidering because of health problems (I'm so sorry for her!)
To thank her I finished this design she started and turned it into a pillow. I really hope she will like it!

I've also been working on the hallway floor and it's finished! I only need to add the baseboards.

The picture is a little dark. There's a bit of a storm today and it darker outside than usual.
But that's no problem, good weather for making miniatures!

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien


I have 7 new followers to greet:

first Sylvia at She is also Dutch and her blog is wonderful. Recently she's been published in our Dutch dollhousemagazine and she won a contest. Go see for yourself..

Patrizia at I looooove the shoes she makes!

Anneke at Her bunny and miniatures are worth a visit.

Aru at Works in 1:48 and that's reeeaaally small to me ;) Nice job!

At you'll find beautiful little baby's made by 'Dwaallicht'.

Muriel has a site named And she is getting ready for Christmas, lovely!

And NĂºri at has just started her blog, so maybe you can go and welcome her.

Have a nice day!

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Your livingroom in miniature

This week I found a very funny site when visiting Amyla's flickr site. (

Amyla is an artist in many disciplines and I love her dollhouse!

She posted this picture of her livingroom and it looked like it was in her dollhouse. But so much details! She got everyone confused...Turns out there is a way of making photo's/films look just like miniatures! You can read more about it on: There also is a little program to turn your own photo's into mini's.

Have fun!!

groetjes evelien

Tiles and sofa

The tiles have been painted with a matt varnish, coloured with 6 different colours and varnished again. Only the grouting to do now!

It was very thrilling painting the tiles, I was so afraid to ruin all the previous work! But I think it turned out good.

The sofa is also finished! I stained it with a little antique brown paint to make it a little worn.
Pff, now I'm going to sit down and read a nice book!

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40 followers! It's always a delight to see that people like to follow my work!

So welcome:

Lyndsey at You have a really big house in the making! Wow... and I'm really curious about the things you already made as you've just started your blog.
Karin at For mini's with a big WOW factor go here! Just love the way you use 1:1 photo's as inspiration and you workroom is amazing.
Lisette at Just look at her bathroom... Lisette has tried a lot of different mini-making and I cannot choose what she is best at!
Happy following!
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