I have 7 new followers to greet:

first Sylvia at http://lotjesdollshouse.blogspot.com/. She is also Dutch and her blog is wonderful. Recently she's been published in our Dutch dollhousemagazine and she won a contest. Go see for yourself..

Patrizia at http://patrisan.blogspot.com/. I looooove the shoes she makes!

Anneke at http://pieplyts.blogspot.com/. Her bunny and miniatures are worth a visit.

Aru at http://aruoc.blogspot.com/. Works in 1:48 and that's reeeaaally small to me ;) Nice job!

At http://dwaallicht-dromen.blogspot.com/ you'll find beautiful little baby's made by 'Dwaallicht'.

Muriel has a site named http://lecoffredemilie.blogspot.com/. And she is getting ready for Christmas, lovely!

And NĂºri at http://mininuris.blogspot.com/ has just started her blog, so maybe you can go and welcome her.

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

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Anneke zei

Bedankt voor het warme welkom Evelien! Ik kijk uit naar nog veel meer foto's van je ceaties! :D