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Hi all!
Because of the really nice books I've seen in many different blogs, I had the idea of making a blog/site where we can share the scans we've made.

Making scans of your own books is quite a bit of work and that's why I thought that if we'd share our scans with each other it will be much quicker and more fun!

I asked Rosanna what she thought and she likes it, so my next step is to ask all of you:

Would you like this idea and mail me some book/magazine scans to make a big internet library of mini-books. (Or as Rosanna named it: mini-Amazon lol)

And second: What type of file do you use to save your books in?? I will see what the most regular way of saving the minibooks is and use that for the site. It will make it easier for uploading and save me a lot of work.

I'd love to hear from you! If you have an idea about the best way to share, please let me know.

groetjes Evelien

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Lize zei

Brilliant idea! I am always looking for magazines, so perhaps we can include that. As for a name, perhaps we can shorten mini amazon to Minizon?

rosanna zei

Hallo Evelien, I shall email something to you tonight. I use Word with Open Office 3.1. I hope I shall be able to sendit to you. They will be Italian titles, of course. Rosanna

rosanna zei

PS I love Lize's suggestion: Minizon is perfect. Rosanna

Evelien zei

Hi Lize, Minizon is too cute, so the name we have already ;)
The magazines are very welcome too. And can you tell me what program you use?

And hi Rosanna, is Open Office a program too? Italian titles are very nice, La Dolce Vita...;)

groetjes evelien

kathi zei

What a wonderful idea! I use a Word document for my mini book ideas.
This is going to be great! :)

Debora zei

Great idea Eef! Mmm, I am no whizzkid, so don't ask me what filetype is best. All I know is I do most of my things (photo's, scans etc) in Photshop and that works fine for me. But I can safe them to any filetype that is more suitable. I'll strole my libarary to see what's nice to share

Norma Bennett zei

Just wondering what copyright issues there may be, thinking more of the books rather than the magazines ...

Evelien zei

You're right Norma, I don't know if there is something wrong with this idea copyright wise. How can I find this out?

Maybe if I clearly state on the site that it's only for personal use there is no problem. I'm not going to sell anything.

Thoughts anyone?

groetjes Evelien

Norma Bennett zei

I have been thinking more about this - sometimes the clogs move very slowly :) - and I've been having a look around the internet to see what others are doing. There are certainly blogs and sites (sorry I wasn't 'awake' enough to think to note the URLs) that are informally sharing scans and also selling mini (non-readble 'fake') books with 'miniaturised' covers. (The one and only site I found selling readable books had copyright permissions). In the case of cover sharing only there are no issues with the content of the books of course, just the cover design. If you decide to go ahead with it might be better to do something very low key and perhaps rather than a blog a Flikr album (or similar) might be the way to go. (You could link to it from your site.) Personally I think that those of us who are miniaturising book covers should be being paid by the publishers for promoting their books! ;) Anyway, of course you must do what you think best and perhaps I am over-reacting (it's all those years working in a solicitor's office that did it!!).