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I always want to post more often, but it never happens. I'm just amazed at how often other bloggers have something new to share. How do they do it?!
I can't say that I ever have a day without being creative, but the things I do take so long!

The pillow you see below I've been embroidering in the evenings. It's made for the mother of an ex fellow worker of mine. She gave me lots of embroidery things because she had to quit embroidering because of health problems (I'm so sorry for her!)
To thank her I finished this design she started and turned it into a pillow. I really hope she will like it!

I've also been working on the hallway floor and it's finished! I only need to add the baseboards.

The picture is a little dark. There's a bit of a storm today and it darker outside than usual.
But that's no problem, good weather for making miniatures!

Have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

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Lize zei

The pillow is beautiful, I wish I could embroider! I am sure she is going to love it. I also feel I am probably not blogging often enough, but if I spend more time blogging I will not be able to do anything else. I read once (I think this was on Casey's site) that if you think a task is going to take you 'x' amount of time, you can multiply that by 10! So true, just because it is small doesn't mean it will be quick.

Maria zei

Hoi Evelien,
Leuk dat je me nu ook bij blogspot hebt gevonden.
Ben die site begonnen omdat ik steeds bij de punt.nl niets in kan voeren.
Maar het is wel heel grappig dat deze blog internationaal is.
Je hebt een supermooie vloer gemaakt.
Is hij van echt hout gemaakt?

Evelien zei

Liza you're totally right! I always make mistakes when estimating how long something will take. I think I'll use the 10 times rule from now on :) Thank you for your comment!

Maria wat leuk dat je ook aan t bloggen bent. Ik vond het super leuk om de kast in je huis te kunnen zien. Wat wordt het een leuk huis zeg!! Ik ga het zeker volgen. Vervelend dat je problemen met punt.nl hebt.

De vloer is van lindenhouten latjes gemaakt van 2 bij 6 bij 29 mm. Verder is hij gebeitst en in de antiekwas gezet. De latjes haal ik bij Karweipost, zij hebben echt mooi hout!

groetjes evelien

rosanna zei

Hallo Evelien, you had a great idea! sharin our books and make a mini Amazon. I love it. We only ave to decide how we can do it but I'm more than willing to give them to you all.Rosanna

Pubdoll zei

The pillow is beautiful and I love the floor and the pattern of the wallpaper in your hallway! Very well done, I have made parquet flooring as well, in Nora and Helmer's basement, and thought it was difficult enough without using an intricate pattern. But yours is flawless it seems!

Debora zei

Great floor!! An entrance worthy

Minna zei

The pillow is lovely! Great work.