I've been making minis and crochet, but when I see it on photo It always looks like I didn't do much ;)

The floor for the bathroom is stained, grouted and ready. I've made some toiletpaper and the towels you see in the bathroom cabinet.
The frame is going to be the mirror, but I can't find the mirrorsheet I had for this, so I'll keep looking...

I've made some pillows and now I'm trying to design some nice covers.

And every evening and sometimes when we have to drive somewhere far I'm crocheting. It's now a single person blanket and it's going to be twice as big.

groetjes Evelien
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Welcome new followers! Your vintage mail is just perfect! And really like your other blog: too!!

Lainie at Very nice little bottles!

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Natalia: can’t find a blog, but welcome!

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Hope you'll have a good time over here and I'll post some new updates on my house soon.

Groetjes Evelien