When people see my miniatures, the first thing they say is: How can someone be so patient!
Most times I laugh about it and say it doesn't take any effort....most times...

Last couple of days my patience was tested ;) The front door was almost finished and only thing left was the leaded light in the upper part. But how to get the effect of leaded glas without it looking fake?

I tried window paint, aquarel paint, hobby glue, wood glue, glue mixed with paint before and after applying and last printing on sheets. Pfff nothing seemed to be good and every time it failed I had to do the soldering part all over again. My boyfriend came to see after experiment 3 and I told him it didn't work again. Guess what he said? "it looks a bit childish" haha you can see why he had to run after that ;)
Today I'm kind of satisfied with the result. It's not as transparent as I would like, but for now it's ok.
The colours don't show well on camera, but they are there believe me! ;)

The first floor is dust free now!
I also see on blogger that I've reached 99 followers today.
Would you like me to do a give-away at 100?
And what would you like me to give?
Have a nice evening!
groetjes Evelien

11 reacties:

sylvia zei

Ja, ja, geduld is een schone zaak zeggen ze wel eens...
maar het was het wel waard, je deur is fantastisch geworden!!!
groetjes Sylvia

Jo Raines zei

It is beautiful. Did you say what you ended up using? I love it. Now if I could master resin . ... I tried to make pickled peaches in a glass jar with resin and ruined them!


Lize zei

You did that so well, I think everybody would vote for a TUTORIAL!

Looks great!

Heli zei

Beautiful door! The window looks very nice!

Unknown zei

La puerta es perfecta¡¡¡ Un emplomado tan pequeño es dificilisimo¡¡¡¡ Muy buen trabajo...Saludos...

Norma Bennett zei

The finished door looks really good.

Of course we must think a give away is a GREAT idea because you make such wonderful things!!! - I am sure everyone would love to win!!

Oh yes, and if you are able to a tutorial on how you did the leadlight window would be much appreciated :)

Evelien zei

Thank you for the lovely reactions!

I ended up using plexiglass, woodglue, felt-pen and metalwire for the soldering part.

I'll think about how to make an easy tutorial. I have to do another door for the back of the house, so I can take pictures then.

For the give away I want to give you al the choice, I'll post about it today!

groetjes evelien

Unknown zei

Nou Evelien,ik vond het al heel knap dat je het loodwerk 1 x goed had gekregen maar 3 x is wel een aplaus waard!!! Ik heb dus echt niet zo veel geduld en vindt het vreselijk om iets opnieuw te maken,als het niet lukt stop ik er echt mee! Dus petje deur was al prachtig en nu nog mooier!


brae zei

This door is fantastic! Great job!

Evelien zei

Thank you! Bedankt Sabiha!

synnøve zei

O are so clever and do such lovely work!!!!
Thanks' for your lovely comment :)
You know it's an old house with traces of earlier life all over it, I hop to create a bit of my own space influenced just by me. A bright airy miniature heaven!!
Synnøve x