Hi new followers! Nice to be able to welcome you here:

Daisy at http://antiquedaisy.blogspot.com/. I enjoy your diversity and adore your Westville house!

Karin F. at http://orrlakemusings.blogspot.com/ and http://minitutesfromorrlake.blogspot.com/. Your miniatures are beautiful and it's so nice that you share all the links at your other blog!

A true doll artist specialised in so many time periods!

If I saw it correctly you're fairly new at blogging, but what a lovely beachhouse!

Dale at http://dalesdreams.blogspot.com/. Your miniatures are dreams all right! Painting, upholstering...is there anything you don't do? ;) (maybe good for you to know, but your blog doesn't show in your profile. Guess it's a bloggerdefault?)

Lotte at http://lottasatomaa.wordpress.com/. Mostly the most amazing shoes, but also a very beautiful dollhouse!

Netty de Roos, Karin and Irene also welcome! I couldn't find your blogs, but maybe you do have one. Please let me know.
A question at the end of this post: does anybody know how it's possible that I start following a site with Blogger and when I return later, I'm not in the follower list anymore. I don't think people are deleting me :) but is there anyone else with this 'problem'?
Have a nice evening!
groetjes Evelien

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Ascension zei

Me ha encantado pasearme por tu blog,son una maravilla tus trabajos.besitos ascension

Evelien zei

Thank you Ascension! You're my 100th follower, join in on the give away if you like!

groetjes evelien

dalesdreams zei

I am so far behind! lol ;)

Thank you for the lovely welcome. :)

I've changed my setting so hopefully it shows now? I had no idea, thank you for telling me, I am still learning my way around here.