Welcome and give away result

First I'd like to show you the give away I made for Sylvia:

It was difficult to make something for someone who makes such beautiful miniatures, but I'm glad she likes it!

The sign on the left says toilette, but it is a bit dark on the photo. The little tealights can be taken out of the box separately. The stars in the middle are just for decoration. I also sent the workshop and more paper I made the box of.

Then there are also new followers! Welcome to:

Roelie at http://lapetitesofie.blogspot.com/. She's working on her "Marmod" house and boy is it pretty! Also take a look at the atelier she recently finished.

Irina at http://temiruavailablebears.blogspot.com/ and http://temiru.blogspot.com/. She makes the most beautiful bears!

Mar at http://mars-smallworld.blogspot.com/. She makes very pretty paper mini's and she also shares them with all of us, so nice!

Margaret at http://petit-parterre.blogspot.com/. She bought a beautiful shop and is working on it to make it even more beautiful.

Mary at http://marywilliamsdollshousedollsblog.blogspot.com/. She makes very pretty dolls!

Ira at http://merryjingle.blogspot.com/. She's working on different things: a lovely colourful bakery and she's preparing for a beach house with lovely greys and whites.

Anthoula at http://a-miniature-life.blogspot.com/. A lot of different and lovely miniatures and inspiration.

Anna at http://miniannalee.blogspot.com/. Lots of different eyecandy, have a look!

and Sans at http://sansdollhousediaries.blogspot.com/. She has other blogs too, but you can find links to them on this wonderful blog. She must be very busy because she makes so many great miniatures!

You're all very welcome!

Groetjes Evelien

7 reacties:

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty zei

Beautiful gifts you made for Sylvia!

miniacollection zei

Lovely gifts.

sylvia zei

In het echt zijn ze nog veeeeel mooier!


Evelien zei

Thank you! :)

groetjes evelien

Sans! zei

Thank you for such a warm welcome :). I love what you did for Sylvia. Have you made the lantern? I was trying to look for one on your blog bu could not find it :).

Evelien zei

Hi Sans, thank you!
I made the lantern after my 1:1 lantern and when it was finished wrote a workshop about it.
You can find it here:

If it isn't clear when you translate it, just let me know!
I also sell the package with all the materials and tutorial for a small price.

groetjes Evelien

Sans! zei

Thank you!! The instructions are very clear. Your work is inspiring :).