to hinge or not to hinge

Very poetic not? ;)
The front door of my house was almost installed, when I saw I missed 2 hinges to finish it.
A quick look at some webshops made me realize that hinges are pretty expensive.

I already had a try at making my own hinges a while ago (I gave up then), but the costs made me try it again.

So far I've tried pins with thick paper, plastic sheets and an empty beer can (thank you boyfriend ;) ).
The easiest way is thick paper with clear tape to make it more solid. I only have to try if I can paint it with metal paint and if the hinges work properly when installed.
I'll let you know!

The roofpanels have been sawn and the roofbeams painted. Tomorrow I will try to cut the space for the dormers.
I also have to figure out how I want the floors upstairs. O many choices to make!
groetjes and have a nice day! Evelien

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Daisy zei

I felt the same way. The ones I ordered are very brassy and ugly so I have to paint them anyway. I should have just made my own! :)

Roelie zei

Hi Evelien,
I am very curious what it will be and how they work. So nice to see a picture of the entire house till so far.

Greetings, Roelie

Lisette zei

Ik ben ook benieuwd als het klaar is. Niet te haasten, hoor!

Jo Raines zei

gosh! I can't imagine making hinges! You are far more accomplished than I! Joanna's house has a hinged side opening and I dread doing that. I think I will have to solicit DH's help there!


Evelien zei

Lol I couldn't imagine either, but I just start and see where I get!

Really nice that you all follow my progress, thanx!

Anoniem zei

Kijken of het lukt te zwaaien naar je !!;-))

Je huis wordt prachtig, ik vind het zooo knap !!


Unknown zei

I would have never thought to make my own hinges-of course it turns out to be the way. I love the idea of a beer can hinge.

I feel like I'm reading a book of your house, chapter by chapter...

Unknown zei

I thank you the solution!
I have the same problem to get hinges, in my country there is not so small and I have make it.