It's time for the welcoming speech again ;), here we go.

A warm welcome to:

Anama at http://anamavesi.blogspot.com/. I love her room 'Waiting for 12', she won a prize with it and that's no suprise to me!

Janice at http://onbeingaminimum.blogspot.com/. She's fairly new to blogging, but already has a very pretty house to show on her blog. I really like how she writes about her cats and kids too, so sweet!

Monica at http://miniaturasmodelando.blogspot.com/. I'm super impressed with the chairs and cars she's made, wow, such craftmanship!

fantasyli li welcome too! Do you have a blog? Because I can't find one.

Carol at http://true2scale.blogspot.com/. Beautiful miniatures and great (photoshop) tutorials. Can it get any better?

Debbie Lee at http://thelittlesaintsnursery.blogspot.com/. Precious little babies and bears, so lovely!

and Kriana (?) at http://miniaturaskriana.blogspot.com/. She makes her own beautiful witch houses and also a lot of different miniatures to decorate them. Really like your diversity!

Have a nice day! I will continue to work on a birdcage for a type of swap. If it's finished I'll show you. I'm also designing the floors on the second level of my house. So lots of work, but little to show ;)

groetjes Evelien

5 reacties:

Unknown zei

Thank you for your warm welcome to your beautiful blog!
Also thank you very much for your words to my mini scene is very pleasant for me.
Hugs and kisses,

Miniaturas Kriana zei

Dank je wel Evelien voor je lieve woorden over mijn blog. De jouwe is niet minder fascinerend, gefeliciteerd !

Evelien zei

You're welcome Anama!

Graag gedaan Karina enne..jij ook bedankt! :)

fantasyli zei

ja ik heb een blog(deze week gemaakt dus staat nog niets op)

en een punt.nl

je hebt echt een leuk blog! je maakt mooie dingen!

Evelien zei

Hoi Marlies! Dank je wel :)

Ik heb je puntsite al vaker bekeken, dus je naam (fantasyli)kwam me bekend voor, maar ik wist niet meer waarvan.
Ik zal je blog snel toevoegen aan m'n bericht.