Time to welcome the latest new followers! It's always fun to see someone joining my list and I really like to visit all your sites, it's inspirational. But you must know I'm mostly a silent follower, I try to comment more often, but time doesn't always allow it. I think a lot of you know the feeling with so many lovely blogs on the www!

Marie at http://lepetitmondemerveilleux.blogspot.com/. Maybe you just participated in her lovely give-away. She makes beautiful miniatures!

Beatrice at http://lesminiaturesdebeatrice.blogspot.com/. A must-see for everyone who loves the Versailles style!

Rhubs, unfortunately can't find a blog. If you have one let me know.

Peggy at http://peggy-cosycottage.blogspot.com/. If you're fast you can join in on her give-away, it's really beautiful and so is her other work!

Esther at http://mimundodeminiatura.blogspot.com/. She makes lovely dollsculptures and has lots of babies. Must be very busy there ;)

Marieke at http://marfolhuzminiatures.blogspot.com/. She bought a beautiful house named Heartland Hollow wich she will alter and I'm very curious about the changes!

Zehra at http://annemineli.blogspot.com/. I can't find any miniatures, but there are lots of recipies to find!

Кристишка at http://kristishechka.blogspot.com/. Love your needlework, papercraft and lovely gift ideas!

Christine at http://postwarthatchedcottage.blogspot.com/. Great miniatures and tutorials and she welcomes everyone in a lovely way. Really a blog where you feel welcome!

Rosella at http://ilsalottodellerose.blogspot.com/. Needlework and miniatures, my kind of girl! ;)
Have a look at her great work.

Jenya at http://knottybynature.blogspot.com/ has a new arrival: Piper a beautiful little Blythe girl that lives in between lovely miniatures.

and last but not least: Marion at http://marionsminiatures.blogspot.com/. She has other blogs too, just look at her profile. At Marions blog you also have an opportunity to participate in a give-away. It's beautiful like here other miniatures, have a look!

Welcome all and have a good day!
groetjes Evelien

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