Lillberg look-a-like

As promised, the pictures of the rockingchair I've made. This is the original:

And this is the final result:

I'm not totally satisfied with it, so maybe I'll make another one. But it was fun to make!

groetjes Evelien

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rosanna zei

but it IS good !!! well done, Rosanna

MAGF zei

Maybe that file is too high, but otherwise it is really cool, I think that I am going to make one also...

Evelien zei

Thank you Rosanna! The perfectionist in me is always active ;)

Hi MAGF, what do you mean with 'file is too high'? Thank you for your reaction. I'm going to check out your blog know, looks impressive!

groetjes Evelien

Kathi zei

I think you did a great job!

Angela zei

Hello Evelyn, I just discovered your blog and I immediately signed up to follow ....
but you are very good .... I really like the chair .... I watched a little bit in your blog and I saw several things that I like very much ... congratulations ....
and then your Benz is fantastic and you will not believe but it looks a lot like my Pek, come and see it in my blog .... brothers who seem to laugh ....
I'm really glad I discovered .... and I hope you can explain some things you did ....
a kiss

Mini Dork zei

I think it looks great! I really like the fabric you used for the upholstery. Nice work! :) Megan

Irene zei

I think you've made a great job of this. Well done.

MAGF zei

Hi,I'am sorry I would thinks to the back pillow...

Lara zei

Super mooie stoel Evelien! Erg goed gedaan.

doris/minimodernistas zei

Your blog is wonderful. And I love the rocker...great work!

Pubdoll zei

Your chair looks amazing and for me it looks as it has the exact same proportions as the original, fantastic job!

Stephanie Kilgast zei

Hi! I just discovered your blog and love it here :)
That chair is really good! It has a rough edge which is close to the original.


Evelien zei

wow, your lovely comments are overwhelming! Thank you so much.

@ Angelina, if you want me to explain you something, just let me know. Love to help you. I'll have a look at Pek and your blog soon

@ Magf, that was the part I wasn't to satisfied with too. You have a cool blog by the way!

Angela zei

Thank you for being gone from my blog ....
also your blog is very good .... but ma├Čeraviglioso six to cut the wood what do you use?

My Pek is a crazy boy, at this time would be on the snow to bury the ball and run like a madman .... sin that makes cold!!

Thanks for your time, if I need some advice knock on your door ....

Best wishes for happy holidays

Evelien zei

Hi Angelina,

I use different things for cutting wood: a jigsaw (hand and machinetype), utility knive and also very easy: skirting scissors.

Benz has fun also, but sometimes she thinks it's too cold and she starts shivering when we put on her leash, lol

Have great holidays too!

Mari@ zei

Merry Chrismtas Evelien and Happy New Year :o)

Evelien zei

Thank you! You too!

cockerina zei

many wishes for a happy new year!


Wow,amazing work! I really enjoy your blog.I invite yo you to participate in my litlle giveaway,best miniregards.

LifeStyle Events zei

Hoi Evelien,

Niets mis met je stoel hoor...ik vindt het juist heel gaaf???

Hier mijn mail adres:sabiha@lifestyle-interiors....cadeautjes, daar ben ik gek op,hihi!


Joel zei

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me.


Joel Houston

Anoniem zei

Hi, came across your blog googling ikea chair. You made very nice chair , well done! I was wondering if you could please tell me the name and color of the fabric that you chose, its beyond gorgeous.
Thank you so much.