There are 7 new followers to welcome! So here I go:

Rita from http://miniatyrhus.blogspot.com/. She has 2 other blogs too, so go and visit her; she has lots of eyecandy to share!

Taenia from
http://taeniasminiatures.blogspot.com/. Your modern kitchen is a beauty! Nice inspiration pictures too!!

Lize from
http://lizelund.blogspot.com/. Very stylish pictures of miniature settings!

Helene (
http://pubdolls.blogspot.com/ ) I already mentioned in my last post (the award) you’re also very welcome of course!

http://casitaminicm.blogspot.com/ Nuria, Rossana and Norma. There are a lot of interesting publications on their site!

Annina from
http://anninagunter.blogspot.com/ . You and Helene (above) made me fall in love with re-ment and Lundby! Some photo’s are just 1:1 it seems!

Caterina from
http://leminisdicockerina.blogspot.com/. There are a lot of yummie men on her site lol and I saw a very nice cabin!

Have a nice day!

groetjes evelien

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Pubdoll zei

Thank you so much for your nice welcome :-)