lots of floors

It took some time to draw the floors of the hallway and kitchen, but in the end it will save me lots of time. The hallway is gonna get a herringbone floor and the kitchen will get some terracotta tiles with a nice border:

I’ve started making tiles from Dasclay and it’s fun! I got my pastamaker so now I can start by making very smooth “sheets” of clay and then punch it out with a special (fimo)clay knife.
I made a template to make lots of tiles in once.

When the tiles are dry I’m gonna drypaint them in different shades and finish them of with varnish.

See you!

Groetjes Evelien

4 reacties:

Pubdoll zei

Wow, that's impressive preparations!
Looking forward to see the end result!

rosanna zei

Such a big work !!!! have fun and then show us the results. Rosanna

Maria Jose zei

Hi Evelien ! The plates are purchased,I will paint and decorated.

Victoria zei

Can't wait for the result! Patterns for tiles look great.Should be fun.