Finally I can show you what I've been up to lately. There were 2 presents I wanted to make for a really dear friend and my "little" brother. (He is younger, but waaaaay taller ;) )

My friend had a really darling birdcage she wanted to fill with miniatures. I thought it would make a nice birthdaygift, so started working on it. I worked on it untill I really had to leave to go and see her, so the quality of the photo's is bad..but I hope you can still see how it turned out.

Overall view with lots of light, darn flashlight lol

2 pigeons in the top part of the cage, I bought them in Rijswijk on a fair.

Corner with a little water ornament. In the bucket is a water lily and a goldfish (also bought in Rijswijk)

On the table her favourite cookmagazine, tea and a little candle.

There are tulips, lavender and a few plants in there. The fabric for the chair and the tablecloth are a gift from her to me, and she recognized it immediatly. I like these little surprises in gifts!

I hope to make some good pictures soon, but I couldn't wait any longer showing you this...

groetjes Evelien

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sylvia zei

Helemaal leuk en ook al zijn de foto's nog niet toppie, het is heel duidelijk te zien hoe mooi het is.
Je brengt me weer op een idee, ik heb ook een vogelkooitje staan....

Groetjes Sylvia

Debora zei

Do you still have time to breath!? Oh my, what a lot of work did you put into it, she's a very lucky friend. Yes, the pictures are dark, but as Sylvia already said, you can see the quality.

Mercedes Spencer @ Liberty Biberty zei

Evelien, she must have been very happy! It is beautiful! So many gorgeous little details!

Pubdoll zei

What a great gift, your friend must have been so delighted! I love all the tiny details in it, my favourite is the beautiful water ornament in the corner!

Norma Bennett zei

What a wonderful gift to receive. The idea of using the birdcage is so original - and so interesting!

Evelien zei

Thank you, she was very happy with it, so I'm happy too!

Birdcages are really nice to use! only problem is it gets dusty...:(

groetjes evelien