first floor

I'm so loving this! I've permanently attached the first floor on my house and now I'm working on the roofbeams and dividing walls.

The whole planning thing starts all over again; were do I want the lights, what do I need to do first now....I think that aspect of building your own house is really great! So I'm off dreaming again, have a nice day!

groetjes Evelien

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Lize zei

It looks great Evelien. Once the roof is up it becomes a REAL house, doesn't it?

Anoniem zei

hey Evelien,het huis ziet er erg mooi uit.. ik mis nog wat.. hihi maar ik ben er zeker van dat dat er nog bijkomt... en wat schitterend die slofjes !!!echt uniek xxx mam

sylvia zei

Wat ga je hard maar het ziet er fantastisch uit!!!

groetjes Sylvia

Lisette zei

De huis gaat nu al verder.
En het is leuke apart huis.

Evelien zei

Bedankt allemaal! Thanks Lize

groetjes Evelien

Meli Abellán zei

You are doing a great job with your new house. Thanks for following my blog and also thanks for the pattern of the carnation!!
It's so lovely that I will try to do it too.

Evelien zei

Thanks Meli! I've just finished the carnation and will show it here, hope you enjoy making it too!

groetjes Evelien

Christel zei

Dear Evelien
Thank you so much for the welcome to your blog. Your blog is a pleasure to look at.
I love your dollhouse. It is actually similar to the house I am building in large life:) Is it a kit or have you made it all by yourself? I just love the roof. Great job:)

Evelien zei

Hi Cristel,

thank you! That's a funny coincidence, very cool you're building it in 1:1. I think 1:12 is difficult enough, but would love to live in a house like that!

The house is a existing on in 1:1 too (it's a few blocks from ours). I've got some building instructions and photo's and translated them to 1:12. So it's homemade ;)

You can see pictures of the 1:1 house here:

groetjes Evelien