On behalf of my doggie and me!
It's about time I welcomed you here, because 9 new followers have arrived.

Starting with Miniaturemaid and Cheryl. I can't find links, but I now Blogger has problems sometimes, so if you do have a site/blog let me know, welcome!

Marit at http://blackcatcottage.blogspot.com/. She's very good in working with wood. I really like the tool she bought for it! Oh, and I had to keep Benz away from the screen, she didn't like the black cat. Think it's because she's so small, some cats are bigger then her! ;)

Michelle at
http://michelle-minithings.blogspot.com/. She's building a house in brocante style and I can't stop drewling over the nice pictures!

http://minilisa.blogspot.com/ you can see some very good results for workshops. I really like the attic you've made! And MiniLisa is also in the proces of renovating a house (1:1) I'm very curious, 'cause it looks really cozy!

Sylvia at
http://miniaturasnatasylvia.blogspot.com/ has a very lovely house called Villa Natalia. Have a look at all the details and beautiful stuff!

Bogna has 4 different blogs, but I'll give you one link:
http://dollknitandcrochet.blogspot.com/. Those dolls look beautiful and I wish I could design the patterns like she does. Very good crocheting.
and Meli at http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com/ (thanks for adding your site) I've just started following you too and love your work!

Ingrid also added her site: it's http://www.mijndroomwereldje.blogspot.com . I really love the style and colours and also the houses she made for the ceramist and tailor.

Now I'm off taking some pictures for an update. See you!

groetjes Evelien

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michelle zei

Dankjewel voor de fijne welkom, Evelien ;-)

Meli Abellán zei

Evelien, thanks for your welcome!
You have a great blog with lovely works.
Here is my link:

Evelien zei

Graag gedaan Michelle!

I've added your site Meli, thanks for reminding me. I see I just started following your site too. I didn't make the connection, oops.

Ingrid zei

hello, ik ben Ingrid
hier is mijn link

Ingrid zei

bedankt voor de welkom