I've been working on my house and it doesn't show much because it's all construction.
Like the windows on the sides and the front door I started on. This is how it looks like now:

The side opens up in the middle and a big part of the roof will be hinged too, so there will be good access. There will be 2 dormers on both sides too.

But between sawing, sanding and painting I really like to do something different, so here are some other creations:

A little embroidery kit from Atelier de Ooievaar I've bought at a fair and changed a little.

And I'm trying to weave a little blanket or rug, but it's difficult! I'll keep trying...:)

Last but nog least I've been rewarded by Maria with the Kreativ Blogger award and by Michelle with the Sunshine award. Thank you so much ladies!! Tomorrow I'll post about it and pass these compliments to other bloggers.

groetjes and see you!


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sylvia zei

Hoi Eef,

Je huis wordt echt fantastisch!!!
Het borduurseltje en weefsel zijn natuurlijk ook weer heel mooi.

Groetjes Sylvia

Susanne zei

Congratulations with the awards. it´s so well deserved. I´m impressed how you work with both the hardware (building) and the software (embroderies for exmaple)so easily..

Anoniem zei

The weaving technique is made easier with a way to lift and separate the warp strings so you can put the weft string through the gap. You must also have a way to beat the weft strings tight against each other. You could try beating with the tines of a fork, pushing the row you just wove up against the previous rows.

This is a simple way to do small weavings, you can make the loom without a lot of woodworking equipment.

The threads are handled differently at the ends than you are doing. Leave the thread long at the end of the row, it is then picked up and woven back into the rows further down. They are not cut off at the end of each row.

Karin Corbin zei

Two videos to help your weaving.



Lize zei

Your house is coming along nicely! That little embroidery is very cute. Minis teach us so many crafts and arts. I was 'plastering' over the weekend.

miniacollection zei

Congratulations on the two awards.
You're a very busy woman, your little embroidery is beautiful. Weaving is something I would like to try one day...

michelle zei

Het wordt een prachtig huis, Evelien!
en het borduursel is heel mooi, zo'n dekentje weven is niet makkelijk denk ik, het ziet er knap uit!

Evelien zei

Thank you all!

The tips are very welcome too, I'll take a look at the links. I wanted to have some fringes on the sides, that's why I cut the threads, but it wasn't a succes ;)

I think it's very cool to learn so many different technics, that's why I love this hobby so much. You can use everything. Miniaturist are the most all-round people I know! (and very kind, just see the comments ;) )

have a nice day!

groetjes evelien

Unknown zei

Prachtig stukje handwerk Evelien!
Jij bent echt een kei in borduren,je anjers vind ik ook super gaaf! Veel succes met het weefwerk,ik ga proberen een versleten keukenmatje te weven,laat het wel weten als het gelukt is (LOL)


Evelien zei

Dank je Sabiha! Ben erg benieuwd naar je keukenmatje, succes!

groetjes Evelien

Deni zei

The little house embroidery is really lovely
I don't know how you do all this lovely work Evelien, oh wait your from the Netherlands huh? thats why I know now how clever you all are lol
My ancestors came from there too but a lot of that cleverness has weakened after all this time hahahaha!!!*wink wink!