getting ready for christmas

I really love the paper lanterns with light and thought it would start a great christmas-atmosphere in my minihouse.

After a lot of google searches this is what I came up with. It really gives a lovely glow and it's even visible from outside our house ;)

I also made these items. The plant was a kit from Anja van den Doel and the paper miniatures I found in different blogs/ sites. The book of Beauty and the Beast is from Ann Vanture who had lots of lovely paperminis.

Lara at gave the link for the paper star on her blog. She found it at:, thank you!

The boxes I also found on the internet....but I can't recall where I got them. If someone recognizes them, please let me know, so I can give credit to the designers!

Have a great and creative day

xxx Evelien

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The roof

Just to let you see I'm still working on my house, some photo's of the dormers I'm making.
The next photo is of the original house, so that's how it supposed to look like in the end ;)

Last weeks I've been doubting the floor of the second bedroom. ( I made a mix with carpet and wooden flooring, but the wood is a different colour than the first bedroom. I don't like the colour, so I'm gonna make it the same as the other room. It will take a lot of work again, but I don't intend to change it again, so it'll be worth it I hope...

Hope you still enjoy reading here. And I'll welcome the new followers soon.

groetjes! Evelien
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