Good Start

Finally I could start putting the first pieces of my dollhouse together! I started in December by converting the real house measurings to 1:12. So it's been a long time untill I could start this part. But patience gives the best results they say, so I take my time!

From pre-cut MDF to something that starts to look like a house:

with the dividing walls of the ground floor in place

the ceiling/second floor in place

It's huge and as you can see my birdies have the best sight ;) I only have to get some wheeled supports so I can access everything easy. Later on we will look for a different cupboard for our living room, because the one we have isn't very practical and also to make room for the dollhouse. So building a dollhouse can change a lot in your 1:1 house as well!

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Debora zei

If you go, you go fast and it looks really promising. I like the mansander roof, wich gives it its personality.

The floorplan of your house looks somewhat familiar to the house of Nolda I had made. The disadvantage of that setup is the big surface it takes up. Indeed that can be a bit intrusive in your 1:1 house, but if you find the right cabinet I'm sure it will be a asset.

good luck
ps.I left a challange for you on my blog

Evelien zei

Thank you! Nice huh, to write
English when your both Dutch hihi.These blogs make us international!

I think the house looks a little like Nolda's, but this is brickwork all around and you have boarding and a corner that's different. The big surface is the same ;) You can see the original house here:

Your my big inspiration for building this house myself. Thanks for the challenge. I'll go and find the picture now.

groetjes Evelien

Debora zei

Het is idd een beetje raar...Engels

Het huis welke ter voorbeeld strekt had ik reeds eeder gezien, een prachtig idee! Ben dus ook zeer benieuwd en blijf je volgen. Het zal een uniek huis(je) worden; ik zou het niet durven te willen vergelijken met Nolda's huis!

kind regards ;-))