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I'm planning the interior of my dollhouse. I know the outside isn't even finished yet, but a girls got to decorate right? ;)
So I found a great color for the livingroom walls, but it doesn't look good on the MDF although I painted it with gesso first. So now I got some cheap very blue wallpaper (1:1) with a nice small pattern and painted that twice. Much better! Can't wait to see it on the walls!!

I also tried some floors made with "kantenband". I don't know the english word, but it's a wooden-like strip that you iron on the sawside of (for example) a shelf to finish it.

It doesn't work so good, but at least I tried it. The floors will be the same color, but then in real wood.

groetjes Evelien

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Katy zei

Tengo algo para ti en mi blog,es un premio a la amistad y a una aficiĆ³n compartida.Espero te guste.
Mil besos


Evelien zei

Thank you! I left a comment on your site.

groetjes evelien

kathi zei

Thanks for the welcome! I'm enjoying your blog!
That "flooring" is called veneer here in the US. I've been looking for some but have been unable to find it except by special order.
You say it doesn't work well?